Top 10 Reasons To LOVE Cardio Cocktail!

After delivering more than a quarter million bottles of Cardio Cocktail around the world, our customers have shared some amazing results with us.

There literally dozens of health benefits and reasons to drink and LOVE Cardio Cocktail, including its unparalleled support of your cardiovascular system and entire body. So, to help you out, we have developed our top 10 reasons to LOVE Cardio Cocktail.

#10 - Sweeteners That Are Good For Your Teeth

ForMor pioneered the use of erythritol, xylitol, and stevia as a sweetening system that is high in great taste and low in glycemic impact and aftertaste. This combination has also been shown to benefit strong teeth.

#9 - Cell Healing Antioxidant Bath

The Super Fruit Juice base which includes: mangosteen juice, acai juice, goji berry juice, apple juice, and grape juice, are each widely accepted as wonderful natural sources of potent antioxidants. But, when they are combined together, they give your cells a spa-like rejuvenating bath. You will feel a boost of vitality as you give your cells an added layer of protection.

#8 - Optimal Blood Flow

The body converts L-Arginine, the primary ingredient in Cardio Cocktail, to Nitric Oxide (NO). The body uses NO in virtually every function in the body. Unfortunately, you cannot store NO. The body uses the additional NO derived from Cardio Cocktail to support the inner lining of your arteries, which supports healthy blood flow throughout the body!

#7 - Increased Stamina and Endurance

More optimal blood flow means more oxygen, energy, and nutrients get to cells. It also aids in the removal of cellular waste. This means your body is working more efficiently, leading to increased stamina and endurance. The produces better performance in sports, workouts, creative activities, sex, and any other physical activity.

#6 - Faster Recovery

Intense workouts lead to greater gains and greater growth. But, they also can lead to more muscular exhaustion. Cardio Cocktail supports you during your workout by increasing oxygen utilization. Nitric Oxide (NO) derived from Cardio Cocktail also speeds recovery time allowing you to workout more often without hitting the wall!

#5 - Boosted Immunity

Stress, workouts, and environmental factors all take a toll on your immune system. Nitric Oxide (NO) which your body derives from the L-Arginine in Cardio Cocktail, along with the Super Fruit Juice base, the b-vitamins, grape seed extract, and the other antioxidants, provide tremendous support to your immune system. 

#4 - More Energy

Caffeine, caffeine, and MORE caffeine... this seems to be many people's antidote to lack of energy. Sadly, over-caffeination is one of the major problems. Cardio Cocktail provides host of natural nutrients which support your body's ability to product energy naturally.

#3 - More Oxygen

More Oxygen = More Health!!! The Nitric Oxide (NO) derived from Cardio Cocktail helps your body uptake and utilize oxygen at a higher rate than without it. This additional oxygen boosts energy, vitality, and virtually all other functions in your body.

#2 - Enhanced Sexual Performance

Viagra is the #1 selling pharmaceutical drug and it doesn't even save a life! However, the downsides of these types of drugs is frightening. The great news is that Nitric Oxide (NO) derived from Cardio Cocktail, supports a strong and healthy sexual desire in both men and women.

The increased blood flow makes getting and keeping a strong erection more natural. Women also experience a heightened sexual experience due to the increased blood flow to pubic region. These two facts alone make this the #1 reason on many people's list!

And finally, the number one reason we love Cardio Cocktail (drum roll please...)

#1 - Superior Cardiovascular Support

The Nitric Oxide (NO) derived from Cardio Cocktail supports the inner lining (endothelium) of your arteries. This inner lining is responsible for the overall health of your arteries. A healthy artery is smooth and flexible and delivers blood flow to the vital organs of the body, including: brain, kidneys, and extremities. Consistent use of Cardio Cocktail gives your body the Nitric Oxide (NO) it needs in order to achieve and maintain optimal health!

There you have it... our top 10 reasons for loving Cardio Cocktail. Go ahead and make a list for yourself! Remember, if you only take one nutritional supplement, make it Cardio Cocktail!!!

Cardio Cocktail world's leading liquid arginine product

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