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    Understanding Bio-Transformational Technology™
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We’re growing the strains of innovation

We have developed and perfected a patent-pending process to infuse our specific Zaipei strain of Lion’s Mane Mushroom with the targeted bio-activity of proven medicinal Chinese herbs. The result is an evolutionary 4th-generation wholefood nutritional supplement with over 38 organic bio-active compounds, including: polysaccharides, beta-glucans, glycomes, vitamins, and BRM, a special polysaccharide to which scientists attribute “magical” health-producing functions.


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Infuse with organic substrate.

We choose nutrient dense organic material to supply the core nutrients, along with carefully selected Chinese herbs which have a long and documented history of proven results.

We only use Zaipei strains of Lion’s Mane which are sustainable sourced from the primeval forest in the mountains of central China.

For each GENX™ product, we enhance the substrate with specific Chinese herbs that are proven to produce superior targeted healthy results.

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Culturing the mycelium

Each strain is cultured in a climate-controlled environment for approximately 40 days, allowing the Lion’s Mane to consume all the nutrients in the functional substrate.

We are the only facility in the world that is bio-enhancing Lion’s Mane with standardized results under laboratory conditions.

We relentlessly monitor quality in every step of the process.

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Harvesting the Lion’s Mane

We meticulously remove the Lion’s Mane from its patent-pending growing container to prepare it for the final extraction process.

Our Bio-Transformed Lion’s Mane lives its entire life cycle in our specially built and climate-controlled particulate-free “clean” rooms.

The harvested mushroom material is always independently lab tested for purity and bio-active components.

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Protecting the bio-activity is our primary objective

The utmost care is taken when handling the fruit and mycelium material as we extract, dry, and encapsulate the Lion’s Mane.

Cold Extraction

We cold extract the bio-active compounds using water only. We NEVER use alcohol or other chemicals like most others. We use a pharmaceutical-grade centrifuge to remove excess water.

Freeze Drying

We complete the water removal process through our state-of-the-art freeze drying process which maintains the integrity of the bio-activity and organic nature of our Lion’s Mane Mushroom.

Vegetable Encapsulation

We encapsulate our super-infused 4th Generation Lion’s Mane in vegetable capsules, - capturing its complete, full-spectrum whole-food nature for your body’s benefit.

Science & Studies

Where the ancient meets the scientific

  • Lion’s Mane is one of the most researched and popular medicinal mushrooms due to its natural compounds

    Lion’s Mane is one of the most respected mushrooms in Chinese medicine. Our proprietary Bio-Transformation™ Process successfully infuses this powerful medicinal mushroom with significantly more health producing nutrients.

  • Our super-infused Lion’s Mane mushroom is the result of nearly 30 years time and millions of dollars worth of research and development.

  • We are the world’s only source for true, 4th generation Bio-Transformed Lion’s Mane.

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