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Culinary and medicinal use of mushrooms in Chinese culture dates back over 2,500 years. Mushrooms are a superb agent of health due to their complete nutritional makeup. SALVIA-GENX-Ⅲ uses a rare strain of the Hericium Erinaceus mushrooom, discovered in 1983 in a primeval forest in the mountains of Central China. Now they are carefully cultivated and meticulously harvested with a proprietary patent-pending process in a state-ofthe-art facility in the United States. DNA sequencing in the early 1990’s discovered that fungi are not actually a part of the plant kingdom. Mushrooms are now regarded as their own kingdom with each class and family boasting unique physiological properties. Bio-Transformation Technology™ defines the remarkable characteristic for this mushroom to assimilate organic bioactivity and benefits from its growing medium. The Lion’s Mane in SALVIA-GENX-Ⅲ is cultivated and harvested in a highly controlled environment. It represents the world’s best science in directional culturing and bidirec-tional transformation.


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